As we connect over a Teams video call on a rainy Bangalore afternoon, and scan each other’s backgrounds for bookshelves, something else catches my attention. Behind Sachin Suri, the managing director of CropData, is an abstract painting that seems to have a collage of tiny, colorful rectangular pixels. So instead of diving into the challenges of farmers in India, I start my conversation with Suri by asking him about the painting. Who knew it’d be the perfect context-setter for this interview.

“It’s not a painting,” he clarifies. “This is actually a spectral analysis satellite image of farms. Each tiny spot, or a geo-spatial tile, is an actual field in Punjab and the different colors denote the stress levels in individual farms.” This ‘painting’, that we now know not to be a painting, has a direct correlation with CropData’s vision and mission.

Sachin Suri,董事总经理,Champdata在他的纳格普尔办事处。背景中的“绘画”是农场的频谱分析卫星图像。每个小点或地理空间瓦片是旁遮普邦的实际场,不同的颜色表示各个农场的应力水平。(照片:crocdata)

“These images underline the fact that every farm is different. Forget at a state or district level, our data shows that even adjoining farms can have significant variation in farm health parameters. Painting them all with the same brush for government schemes like insurance, subsidies, and even minimum support prices is a gross injustice to farmers,” Suri says.





从我们的谈话中有一些编辑的摘录,苏利谈论Crocata如何使用Microsoft Azure的能力来赋予印度农民的能力。威廉希尔体育官网

Why did you start CropData?

We initially started CropData as a risk management and advisory service that we’d provide to farmers and governments. We studied the entire value chain right from the time a farmer decides to grow a particular crop, buy the seeds, all the way to harvesting to reaching the end buyer. We mapped government policies to see where the gaps lay.

But when we met farmers, they didn’t want our建议 - 他们have been farming for generations, after all. The only thing they were interested in was whether we could help them increase their income. So we ended up building a trusted platform where we connect farmers to bulk buyers and sell their produce.


The entire agriculture industry, in a way, is skewed towards promoting inefficiencies.

Unlike farmers in developed countries who have large farms, Indian farmers have very small land holdings. In the absence of farm-level granular data you can’t provide the right advisories to farmers that will work in their fields or help them stabilize their production.







To do that, we’ve created an e-marketplace on Microsoft Azure called Agriota that connects all stakeholders with a focus on providing utmost transparency with the use of blockchain. We have partnered with DMCC for the platform. It’s an open auction process where we represent the farmers and all that farmer has to do is work on this field diligently to get the best possible yield and quality.



一旦我们船上,我们就会在农场执行诊断。这包括伴随着天气相关性的作物健康评估,空中图像,种植的种子,它们如何种植,压力水平等等。我们称之为Krishi Module博士(克里希尼在印地语中意味着农业)。


This is one of our biggest inventions–the farms are not adjacent to each other, but they demonstrate the same parameters. By clubbing small farmers with larger farmers, we provide these smaller farmers the economies of scale and fair price that a large farmer would get. This clubbing also helps us to provide farmers access to institutional credit at favorable rates.

We bundle farms by their risk profile and assign them a credit rating, just like you have housing loans in the west, which helps financial institutions assign loans with confidence.

Combining satellite imagery with on-ground diagnostics, weather patterns and other parameters, CropData clubs together farms that are similar in terms of their risks, crops, quality, and other health parameters. Buyers will soon be able to get insights at an individual farm level.




How did CropData start its association with Microsoft and what has the experience been?

Initially we started off with only our marketing platform on Azure. But the kind of support and hand-holding we received from Microsoft, be it industry connects or programs like威廉希尔体育官网微软为Agritech启动at the beginning of our engagement was so impressive that we moved all our platforms and services to Azure. We are also working closely with Microsoft’s engineering teams to build our products and incorporate some of the AI work that has been done on FarmBeats into our workflows during the diagnostics process.

考虑到当前的Covid-19情况,我们必须重新思考地面上培训人民威廉希尔体育官网微软社区培训(MCT,Erstwhile Project Sangam)作为一个神秘来。我们对员工的所有培训,就是从基础进入深入,现在正在通过MCT在线进行。一个好处是他们可以在他们愿意的情况下自己通过培训视频,并可以选择重新审视任何视频。我们在平台上发布视频,并与将其分享到消息传递应用程序或电子邮件,我们知道他们是安全的,他们无法滥用。另一个优点是我们能够根据他们公司的位置和角色向员工推出视频,因此学习模块是为它们定制的。




Our data platform called Geospatial Tile Management will continue to aggregate more data to provide insights at even more granular level. Currently, we provide analytics up to village level and soon our buyers will be able to zoom all the way up to farm level data.