a photo of a corridor in a building leading to the reception

Inspired by the Taj Mahal, Microsoft’s newest office is a workspace of art


Spread across the top three floors of a six-story building in Noida, a satellite town of India’s capital New Delhi, this is the newest Microsoft India Development Center (IDC).

与常规公司工作区外的空间设置的是它绘制的历史背景。沐浴在象牙白白色并点击Jaali.work (a Mughal architectural style of perforated stone or latticed screen), arches, and domed ceilings, the IDC Noida campus’ architectural reference points, inspired by one of the world’s biggest architectural wonders, the Taj Mahal, are hard to miss.


“这真的大约是两个方面,”Microsoft IDC董事总经理和近29年的微软退伍军人rajiv Kumar说。威廉希尔体育官网“一个是在印度建立一个世界级的产品开发组织。这是我在2005年从Redmond回到印度时,我有一个梦想,当没有什么时候没有。“

India’s IT talent pool caters significantly to the world’s tech and engineering advancements and thrives in it.




A monumental task

a photo of the reception of the Microsoft IDC campus in Noida

The Taj Mahal conjures up everything from the historical pursuit of architectural grandeur to plain romance. But it’s also more than that. English poet Sir Edwin Arnold described it as “not a piece of architecture, as other buildings are.” Which is why, even in the 21st century, this 17th century structure continues to intrigue and inspire.

When the team at Microsoft India started brainstorming on designing the site, situated on the highway connecting New Delhi and Agra, the theme was obvious to Jagvinder “Pinny” Mann, who managed the project as the lead for Real Estate and Facility (RE&F) at Microsoft India.



“泰姬陵是该球集中最具独特的建筑之一,”RSP设计顾问董事总经理Arunjot Singh Bhalla说,解释了内部背后的思考。“挑战是:人们如何解释泰姬陵,进一步走一步并将其应用于办公室?”


“微软设计威廉希尔体育官网语言是一般方向的组合,就我们希望我们的办公室看起来像,”Riku Pentikainen,Microsoft Re&F的区域总监Riku Pentikainen解释道。“这是当地文化的组合,以及本地相关的,以及纳入隐藏的伪影和物品。在合适的时候,我们对在正确的地方感到非常好。“

The architects took cues from the actual Taj Mahal by depicting rivers with chevron patterns in the corridors, and the greens of Char Bagh Gardens through the color palette and textures.


The actual Taj Mahal is flanked on one side by the river Yamuna, and on the other by the Char Bagh Gardens. So in Noida, the architects took a cue from the natural surroundings of the actual site and translated them with the materials they had. The flow of the river became chevron patterns in the corridors, while the green of Char Bagh Gardens assumed the form of the color palette and textures in some parts of the Microsoft workspace that gives the illusion of the outdoors.

泰姬陵的大理石圆顶,尖塔,拱形入口,Jaali.work, and even a visual reference to the Char Bagh Gardens, translate seamlessly in this Noida space. In the core area of the office space, archways and marble cladding create a sublime effect, while lattice perforations of theJaali.屏幕——在大理石或修改the ceilings — render the space’s texture and depth. The subtle domes, at the same time, add volume.

The river also influences the incorporation of intersecting arches along the “river corridors,” is a direct reference to the Taj Mahal, and breaks the monotony of “corporate-looking” units such as conference rooms.


John Bowden, manager of Workplace Strategy, Asia Pacific Region at Microsoft, adds, “You don’t need to have diamond-studded walls to create something like this. It’s the concept, the form, the lighting, the materials used, and the color to create that atmosphere.”





The murals around the campus have easter eggs built in, and this gamification breaks the formula of traditional Indian workspaces. On the left, a perforatedJaali.右边在比尔门的图片的入口处,只能在某些角度下可见。在右侧,是如何具有花卉图标的传统壁画如何包含技术符号。

新设施将容纳Xbox团队 - 印度的第一个校园举办游戏团队。


Yet another nod to the Taj Mahal was to paint a thousand elephants which, according to legend, carried marble stones to the Agra site. This story is painted on lockers at the Microsoft workspace by local artisans.

“这些壁画包含典型的花卉图标,”鲍登说。“但是,如果你看起来更近了,你意识到鲜花实际上是我们云,我们的技术和我们的徽标的象征。”这些复活节彩蛋,Bowden增加了设计指南的一部分。这个工作场所的这种游戏突破了传统印度工作空间的公式。在这里,该地区互动 - 甚至与用户联系起来。



“We have different kinds of seating for, say, when you want to have your meal, or if you want to be alone, or be in a spot where nobody disturbs you, or you take a 10-minute break,” she says. The public health considerations that were heightened because of the pandemic also resulted in automated doorways, along with distanced seating.

建立空间的一个重要过程是可持续性。基地建筑是Leed Platinum评分,这意味着它迎合了最高的建筑和操作可持续性标准。校园还包括再生产品和当地采购材料,包括大理石,以及节能灯和水装置。

Bhalla adds that 2% of the office, which is in a city infamous for air pollution, is covered in greenery.

“We did a lot of study on the biophilia of the site, and the local plants that would survive in Noida,” he says.

The accessible workplace includes customized counters for wheelchairs, Braille signage, hazard warnings and access ramps.

Pentikainen将该空间描述为“精品”经验,其中微软的愿景从传统的传统和创建新道路中无缝转化为Noida IDC。威廉希尔体育官网泰姬陵变得不仅仅是一个建筑观点,或者是宏伟的象征。它发出了在其时间和持续时间之前的愿景。


Pallavi P.是一位基于孟买的作家,其工作侧重于印度文化,社会和建筑的交叉点。