Microsoft 2020 partner of the year awards sees Africa win big

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2020年7月28日– The annual Microsoft Inspire awards, which this year is hosted as a digital event, has shone spotlight on the successes by partners in more than 100 countries. This year, 11 winners have been selected from 8 regions in Africa and 3 from the Levant region.

所有获奖者都是基于他们对客户的承诺、解决方案的影响力以及对微软技术的示范性使用而选出的,他们在培育和维持强大的生态系统方面发挥了至关重要的作用,这是微软在整个欧洲大陆更大使命的一部分。“作为一家公司,我们一直威廉希尔体育官网坚信让技术更贴近最需要的人,让每个人最终都能取得更多的成就。微软中东和非洲新兴市场公司总经理易卜拉欣•尤斯利(Ibrahim Youssry)表示:“通过将合作伙伴与客户以及彼此联系起来,我们能够做到这一点,从而实现业务增长并推动数字化转型。”。

‘Our commitment to our partners doesn’t just start and end with recognition. For success to be sustained, continuous support is required. This is why we continue to invest in the appropriate programs, training and resources that will enable our partners to generate demand for as well as scale their solutions,” continues Youssry.

来自欧洲大陆的获奖者包括Salt Essential IT来自纳米比亚。Salt一直站在推动现代职场故事的最前沿,它融入了自己的解决方案和捆绑包。特别是,在COVID-19大流行期间,Salt一直在帮助客户、政府和学校向团队过渡,并提供他们的安全包。云warefrom Ghana supports Microsoft on several accounts with true impact, leading customer face time in the field in alignment with Microsoft’s Cloud strategy. The organisation delivers workshops and support on Azure consumption by deploying customer Azure environments, which, in turn, leads to ACAs.

Productivity解决from Kenya focus on modern workplace and won the Global团队合作Partner of the Year at last year’s ceremony for their phenomenal work on Teams. Since then, the organisation has continued with the drive they had of transforming customers not only on Teams but also in security and by building specific bundles for teams that push consumption and help customers lower costs. The company then made an expansion this year that saw them open an office in Uganda that is fully resourced and driving great customers initiatives on the ground.



A list of all the rest of the winners below:

Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited – Nigeria

Wragby Business Solutions&Technologies Limited拥有多元化和包容性的团队,是一家专注于云计算的微软合作伙伴,与微软对跨客户群的数字化转型项目的愿景密切相关。这是一家以客户为中心威廉希尔体育官网的公司,它发现了各种机会,帮助不同行业的客户从与微软的投资中获得价值,并提供了相应的服务industry基于Microsoft云平台构建的IP和扩展,以满足客户威廉希尔体育官网的特定需求。Wragby是推动Azure消费收入和团队在中东和非洲积极使用的顶级合作伙伴之一。Wragby领先尼日利亚,CSP收入年环比增长274%,云计算组合增长88.35%。该合作伙伴与微软销售团队密切合作,推动各细分市场的转型交易,确定微软期待建立和销售的合作伙伴。

EZY Technologies, Pvt Ltd – Pakistan

Pakistan has the highest number of CSP direct partners in the region by far, so EZY Technologies faces fierce competition on pricing, credit, and eroded margins. Despite that, EZY has shown tremendous resilience and focus on training and transforming their partners so they can have the right added value, be competitive and address the customer’s needs. This enabled EZY to deliver a strong YoY growth of 151 percent on CSP and cloud business of more than 116 percent (versus a market average/country benchmark of 5.6 percent).


云shift is a born-in-the-Cloud partner and a true Microsoft player. Cloudshift, through its continuous engagement with government of Tunisia and strategic accounts in the country, has a great impact in this market. They are helping customers in their digital transformation journey by providing them advanced solutions and services to benefit from the value of the Cloud while transforming and innovating in their sector. In a tough public sector context with the challenge-related resistance to change, security, and data sovereignty, Cloudshift’s team contributed in building the digital workplace for the government of Tunisia.


云Productivity Solutions are a born-in-the-Cloud partner focusing on modern workplace. They won the Global Teamwork partner of the year last fiscal year for the phenomenal work they did on Teams. And in FY20, they continued with that same drive to transform customers, not only on Teams but through security and by building specific bundles for teams that push consumption and help customers lower costs. Cloud Productivity Solutions expanded this year, opening a fully resourced office in Uganda that is driving important customer initiatives on the ground.

Comprehensive Computing Innovations – Lebanon

综合计算创新(CCI)商店wn exemplary performance by helping their customers in Lebanon adopt a digital transformation strategy along with supporting them through adoption, providing the technical expertise for a seamless and hassle-free transition to the Cloud. Remarkable efforts were portrayed by CCI, supporting the customer’s shift to a remote work strategy, where CCI has deployed, enabled, and supported users in adoption and change management for more than 22,000 seats across multiple industries (Distribution, Retail, Education, Health, Government, Insurance and Banking). In addition to Teams, CCI supported customers with their datacenter modernization and ease of accessibility to systems and tools needed remotely by enabling Windows Virtual Desktop for several customers coupled with Azure Sentinel for the best security posture in the environment. CCI has created their own Managed Services Offering FastConnect that allows users to access their corporate and company systems instantly.

MC3 Cloud – Mauritius

MC3 group formed a new organisation, MC3 Cloud, managing the Cloud business of MC3 Group in MCC with its own technical, sales, telesales, and marketing teams. MC3 Cloud grew their CSP business by 121 percent and their cloud business by 84.5 percent, against a 22.8 percent benchmark. In Azure, MC3 has increased YoY by 227 percent, against a benchmark of 52 percent. This impressive performance can be attributed to the aggressive Azure plan MC3 drafted; MC3 has hired new resources both sales and presales to cover Azure, and they have invested in technical expertise and certifications. MC3 also landed the first P2Ps in the region with local ISVs and has invested in building a channel ecosystem that is solutions-oriented, rather than licensing with differentiated offering, to clearly answer the local customers’ needs. The response of MC3 to COVID-19 has clearly showed their agility and expertise. MC3 landed two new partnerships and offerings working remotely and security. They have landed other bundles with ISVs (P2P) to address the remote work needs of their customers, and they aresuccessfully navigating their own digital transformation by digitizing all theirplans所以它们可以保持动力,适应COVID-19的冲击。

Exakis Nelite – Morocco

Exakis Nelite is offering a Microsoft professional services portfolio and Cloud offers that are unique in Morocco. They are providing end-to-end solutions to both medium and large customers. More than just providing cost reduction, customers are impressed by the new and fully integrated cloud solutions Nelite provides. Additionally, Nelite did a great job this year with its efforts related to IP Co-Sell and cloud transformation in multiple accounts. They enabled customers to adopt and follow products’ evolutions in the Cloud and application innovations, Data and IA based on Power Platform and Azure services. Nelite consistently demonstrated the added value of Microsoft cloud solutions from security to power platform.


Jordan Optimiza Jordan has shown exemplary performance by helping customers in Jordan adopt a digital transformation strategy along with supporting them by providing the technical expertise for a seamless and hassle-free transition to the Cloud and embracing digitization across commercial and government customers. Optimiza has worked closely with a leading large corporation with businesses that span several industries, resolving IT infrastructure complexity by moving data to the Cloud to provide the group with IT efficiency, business agility, and cost savings. Optimiza provides strong system integration by combining expertise on both Azure and Citrix for world-class virtualization for applications and desktops. Remarkable efforts were portrayed by Optimiza, supporting customers adopting a shift to a remote work strategy, whereby Optimiza has deployed, enabled, and supported users in adoption and change management for more than 16,000 seats across multiple industries (Distribution, Retail, Education, Health, Government, Insurance and Banking).

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